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How do we do with the records required for ID06 connection?

For a company to be connected to ID06 the following documents are required with the application - we will collect these records for Swedish companies!

  • Companies Registration Office records - maximum one month old - or the equivalent registration certificate for foreign companies
  • Tax Agency records - maximum one month old - or equivalent records for foreign companies

​The documents must state that the company is registered as an employer and subject to VAT. The exception is sole proprietorships that does not need to be registered as employer.

Swedish companies
For Swedish companies, we collect all the records that are required from the company and tax authority to be approved to connect to ID06.

​You only need to fill in the registration form on this page, Register here - then we will handle the rest!

Foreign companies
Official transcript from the relevant authorities in the country must be enclosed with the application. Register here - then we will handle the rest!

Does it cost to be connected to ID06?


For a company that has valid ID06 cards, these are the yearly fees from the ID06 AB. 

The mandatory yearly fee, established by ID06 AB is charged annually as long as the company has valid ID06 cards. Not blocked cards counts as active even if the person is not working for the company anymore.    
ID06 2.0 with  LoA 2 Card   80 SEK/year
Yearly fee for companies with 1 - 10 ID06 cards   500 SEK/year       
Yearly fee for companies with 11 - 50 ID06 cards   1000 SEK/year
Yearly fee for companies with 51 -  100 ID06 cards   2000 SEK/year
Yearly fee for companies with 101 -  250 ID06 cards   3000 SEK/year
Yearly fee for companies with 251 -  1000 ID06 cards   5000 SEK/year
Yearly fee for companies with over 1000 ID06 cards   10 000 SEK/year
One-man company with only one card pays 500 SEK / year where the card fee is included in the annual fee


ID06 AB chargin model

In October 2018, ID06 launched a new, secure card standard for both physical and mobile ID06 cards. The new card standard has a trust level called LoA 2 (Level of Assurance 2), which means increased security in the ID06 System and at the country's construction sites.

ID06 LoA 2 card replaces the old standard card. In order to order the new ID06 card, secure identification of company signers, card orders and cardholders is required by BankID or passport. This occurs when you place the order through your card provider. At the same time, it is verified that the company meets basic legal requirements for business activities.

The new ID06 card is based on a safer technical platform and is without EM chip, to reduce vulnerability to fraud. The technology enables two-factor authentication because the cardholder also receives a personal PIN. It also means that companies can upgrade the security on all or selected parts of the workplace such as offices, workplaces and other spaces where valuable equipment is stored. Contact your application provider to find out how new technology affects the functionality of your existing ID06 equipment and what new services are offered. Order and billing of cards, applications and card reader is still done via ID06 partners. One-man company with a card pays 500 SEK / year where the card fee is included in the annual fee.

Calculation example

For a company with 10 active ID06 cards, the fee to ID06 AB will be 500 SEK + 800 kr = 1300 kr / year or 130 kr per employee and year. It equals about 40 öre per day and employee.

What happens if my company has not paid the annual fee?

If your company does not pay the annual fee, the company and all ID06 cards ordered by the company will be locked and made electronically unusable.

What does ID06 AB do with the money that comes in through the fees?

ID06 AB is a non-profit company whose fees will cover development and operating costs without any contribution from the owners. ID06´s mission is to create the conditions for healthy competition, sustainable entrepreneurship and secure workplaces.
The ID06 system is constantly updated for new laws and regulations.

The following services are included in the annual fee?

  • Possibility to order ID06 cards. The ID06 card is used for entry into workplaces using the ID06 system and is associated with attendance registration in electronic personnel lenders. In 2018, a new, safer ID06 card with high confidence level (LoA 2) was launched.
  • Possibility to order Mobile ID06 Card. The mobile ID06 card is a safe application that can be used for many different services. Among other things, there are skills that are contained in ID06 Expertise Database linked to the individual.
  • ID06 Expert Database. A service for digitizing permissions and training certificates and linking them to the ID06 card. It facilitates the control of training evidence at the workplace, while strengthening security and healthy competition. The fee includes reading permission for employers.
  • ID06 Company Statement. An automated tool that makes it easier for buyers of building services to control and discover unserious actors in the supply chain.
  • My ID06. A service where companies and individuals can check which data is registered in the ID06 system. Companies also have access to their collective personal data, where all data is available regardless of the construction site. The system is GDPR-secured.


Source: ID06 AB
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