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ID06 support

Why can't I upload a photo?

The picture must be in the file format JPG (RGB). The picture can't be larger than 8 Mb.
Make sure that these conditions are met. If it still doesn't work the image file might be corrupt. Try with a new picture. If it is not workning - please contact our support-team: or
by phone: +46 (0)10-10 29 300

Can I change our logo?

When your company is already registered, you can, if necessary change your logotype. Send the logo to 

How do I change from paper invoice to a PDF invoice?

As part of our environmental work, you can now choose to have your invoices sent as a PDF by email. To promote this, you will not be charged the invoice fee when selecting a PDF invoice. Please note! You need to be a authorized signatory or administrator to change this setting.

  1. Log on to and go to the "Admin" tab.
  2. There you can find "Payment method" - select PDF invoice and then type the e-mail address that you want the invoice to be sent to.

Error in order?

If you discover that you made a mistake in an order, you can cancel the order until the card has gone into production. If the card is already in production or has been produced you have to order a new card and block the incorrect one.

If I want to complain about a ordered card - what do I do?

If it turns out that the delivered card for some reason is wrong, please do the following:

  • Contact us by mail or phone +46 (0)10-10 29 300
  • Send it the card to the address below:
Att: Reklamation
C/O Seriline AB
Gustavlundsvägen 50
167 51 Bromma


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Divergent opening hours week 28 to 32

Please observe that we will be open during different hours:

Week 28 to 32 the Support are open from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm.