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Who are allowed to order ID06 cards?

All companies can apply for ID06 cards. It is the company that pays the employee's salary and payroll taxes that can order the ID06 card for the employee. This means that it is not permitted to order ID06 cards to people who work for other companies. If that would be discovered it can lead to suspension from the ID06 system.

What does it cost?

You will find all prices here - Price list!

Can we have our logo on the ID06 card?

Yes, there is a space reserved for company logo at the top of the ID06 card. You attach the logo digitally in the registration and we make sure it gets printed on your cards. If you wish to change your logo after the registration, you just need to email the logo to us at and wait to order your cards until we have confirmed that your logo has been exchanged.

How long is the delivery time of ID06 cards?

Orders placed via are normally produced within 3 workning days after confirmed order. Your first order might take a couple of days extra because we need to create your ID06 account. The delivery time of orders placed in another way is delivered due to a separate agreement.

How do we add an administrator?

An existing administrator who has the correct permissions logs in to the portal via You add an administrator by clicking in the right corner and selecting "User Management". There you fill in contact information and the new administrator receives an email with an "invitation" from ID06 AB. The administrator click on the link in the email and complete the invitation. Then the new administrator is ready to go to and choose to log in. Username is email address and the password chosen.

Regarding blocking cards?

It is important that cards that are missing, breaks down or if a person resigns from the company are blocked. The easiest way to block cards is to log in to and handle the card status from there. You can do that under the tab "History - ID06 cards" . You can only block cards that are activated and ordered from If the card is not activated, this needs to be done first. To terminate/cancel an ID06 card that is not activated, you log into the ID06 portal at In the right corner where you see the company name/your name, click on "Card management". Then search the card with the card number. When found, klick on "View the order" and then "Exit".
NOTE! The card is then terminated and cannot be reactivated.

If a card is not blocked it counts as active and the company will have to pay fee for these cards even though they are not in use. The same applies to non-active cards that have not been canceled.

The card has stopped working. Why is that?

The ID06 cards are using RFID technology to communicate with the card readers. With this there is an antenna inside the card, so do not make holes in the card because they will stop working and there´s no warranty.

How do we change our address?

In the ordering portal authorized persons are allowed to edit your company information.

Can I order several cards at once?

Yes, you can. When you order multiple cards at the same time they will be delivered together, as long as they are ordered to the same address. When invoicing all ordered ID06 cards since the last billing will be charged on the new bill.

I get the error message "the card order information does not match the personal data" when I try to approve my order. What should I do?

If the name details doesn´t match exactly with the names in your passport or BankID (it is enough to fill in the first and last name any middle names do not need to be included), it is not possible to change it afterwards unfortunately. You need to contact your orderer who can cancel this order and place a new one with the correct spelling.

I do not receive the e-mail for e-mail verification to create my account with ID06 AB

First check that the e-mail address is correct and that the e-mail is not in your junk mail (the sender of the e-mail is If you have not received the e-mail, you can request a new e-mail by clicking on the orange text where it says "send the confirmation again" in the information you get in this step. If you still do not receive the email, you must contact ID06 support for assistance:
Tel. 010 480 92 00

Error in order?

If you discover that you made a mistake in an order, you can cancel the order until the card has gone into production. If the card is already in production or has been produced you have to order a new card and block the incorrect one.

How should my photo look?

The photo for ID06 cards should be of good quality. For this, follow the following instructions:

The quality of the photograph

  • Must not be older than six months
  • 35-40 mm in width
  • Close up of the head and upper part of the shoulders so that the head occupies 70-80% of the photograph
  • Sharp focus and clear
  • High quality
  • White background

The photograph must show

  • Only one person
  • Looking at the camera
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast
  • Natural skin color

The following is approved

  • Smiling and having a neutral pose
  • When smiling, show your teeth
  • Religious headgear but both sides of the face should be visible and from chin to the top of the forehead

Information about glasses

  • The photograph must clearly show the eyes without reflection in the glass
  • No tinted glasses or too big bows that obscure the eyes or part of the face

The following may not be included in the photograph

  • Headgear eg hat, protective helmet, bicycle helmet and cap etc.
  • Wig or face mask
  • Shawl or scarf
  • Protective or sunglasses
  • Warning clothes where there are reflections of flash
  • Advertising paraphernalia

The photograph should not contain the following

  • Shadows in the background
  • Hands in or in front of the face
  • Open mouth
  • People who close or blink
  • Grimacing
  • Glasses on the head
  • Be taken in profile
  • Eyes looking away from camera
  • Excessive smile
  • Excessively closed mouth

A photograph on a photograph is not allowed. Click here to see sample images

In the odering portal there is a tool with which the image can be cropped, zoomed and rotated. In the production the photo will be examined and adjusted if necessary.

How do I check if a card is valid?

Click on this link, control card, and enter the card number that is written on the right side of the ID06 card.

How do I change from paper invoice to a PDF invoice?

As part of our environmental work, you can now choose to have your invoices sent as a PDF by email. To promote this, you will not be charged the invoice fee when selecting a PDF invoice. Please note! You need to be a authorized signatory or administrator to change this setting.

  1. Log on to and go to the "Admin" tab.
  2. There you can find "Payment method" - select PDF invoice and then type the e-mail address that you want the invoice to be sent to.

What if my company did not pay the annual fee?

If your company does not pay the annual fee, the company and all ID06 cards ordered by the company will be blocked and rendered electronically unusable.

How do I get BankID?

You order BankID via your internet bank. You will also need to install the BankID security software if you do not already have it installed.
How you order a BankID differs between different banks. Some banks require a personal visit to the bank office where you legitimize you with an approved Swedish ID document, while others can log in to your Internet bank and order your BankID directly. In the case of BankID on cards, the bank provides you with cards and card readers.
Need help getting started click here

Manual identification

Before the employee goes to scan their ID document, you need to place an order on the card. The employee then takes their passport or national ID card and goes to one of ID06´s approved scanning partners for scanning, we recommend that you make an appointment. Please note that there is an additional cost for the scan, contact your scanning partner for exact pricing information.
After scanning and a approved photograph, an email will be sent to the employee.
  1. The cardholder clicks on the link in the email and selects Create new account.
  2. Then log in by clicking Manual ID verification.
  3. Then a PIN code is sent by SMS to the card holder's specified mobile number.
  4. The cardholder clicks Log in with SMS security code.
  5. Finally fill in their PIN code.
  6. Then cards go to production and sent out within 3 working days after confirmed order.

Please note!

When ordering ID06 cards, only the characters of the Latin alphabet, including Å, Ä and Ö, must be used. See examples below.
IMPORTANT: That the information in the passport matches the order (nationality, personal ID number etc.).
On a passport, see below, you can see the field at the bottom that no special characters exist (see the red arrow) The yellow arrow where the name stands with special characters

In the event a scanned passport comes up with special characters that are not in the Latin alphabet, these should be changed to Latin characters.
National letters                                   Ordering and scanning of Passport / NationalID
Ç                                                                            C
Ó                                                                           O
Ľubomír                                                              Lubomir
Zećira                                                                   Zecira 
Perišić                                                                  Perisic
Škorić                                                                  Skoric

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