Common questions

Who are allowed to order ID06 cards?

All companies can apply for ID06 cards. It is the company that pays the employee's salary and payroll taxes that can order the ID06 card for the employee. This means that it is not permitted to order ID06 cards to people who work for other companies. If that would be discovered it can lead to suspension from the ID06 system.

Can we have our logo on the ID06 card?

Yes, there is a space reserved for company logo at the top of the ID06 card. You attach the logo digitally in the registration and we make sure it gets printed on your cards.

How long is the delivery time of ID06 cards?

Orders placed via are normally produced within 3 workning days. Are you in a hurry? You can choose express or priority order and then pick up the card 2 hours after approval of the order or we will send the card the same day! Read more about the conditions for these services in the price list.


Register your company here!

Here you can easily register your company for ID06 and you will be able to order ID06 cards in just a couple of minutes. 

The registration is completed in a couple of simple steps and the cost is 495 SEK/company (one-off cost). The cost for the cards is only 178 SEK /card. ID06 AB's obligatory fees will be added, see price list.

How to:

The first step is to register your company with ID06 AB. If you have a foreign company- please read below how to register.

When you have register your company with ID06 you are ready to log in and order the ID06 cards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

​Press "Log in". 


  Note! The cardholder needs to approve its order, by using e-identifiction or by scanning their passport / national ID. After approved order the card will be produced and sent from us within 3 workdays.




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