ID06 control

All issued ID06 cards are registered in a central database at ID06 AB. From this database ID06 AB provides a service where accredited operators can verify if a card is valid or not. Companies can be verified in this database as well. It is therefore important that you block cards that are not supposed to be used in the company anymore, for example if someone resigns.

ID06 Card Control

Here you can verify if a ID06 card is valid or not. click here
In the box, enter the ID06 card number that you want to check. The ID06 card number is found on the right side of the photo. The ID06 card number consists of two letters followed by ten digits. Input the card number as it is written on the card.

ID06 Company Control

Here you can check if a company is registrered at ID06 AB, click here
You can verify if a company is connected to ID06. Type the organization number of the company you want to verify in the box. If it is a Swedish organization number always use this form: xxxxxx-xxxx, ie. with hyphen.


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