ID06 accreditation

Accredited ID06 supplier

As an accredited supplier of ID06 cards we ensure that:

  • personal information is handled in a proper manner according to the Personal Data Act
  • requirements of the act on electronic attendance recorders are fullfilled

What is ID06?

The ID06 AB has in collaboration with the construction industry created a standard for ID cards (ID06) to be used by people staying at construction sites.

The purpose of ID06

  • with the help of general rules for identity requirements and attendance reporting prevent undeclared work and financial crime
  • makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to stay at the construction site
  • creates safer workplaces

Information from ID06 AB about the rules surrounding ID06 can be found here: About ID06 >>>

All construction companies operating in Sweden are under obligatory attendance reporting, and people residing at Swedish construction sites must be able to identify themselves with an approved ID card.
In practical terms this means for you as residing on a construction site have to be able to identify yourself with a valid ID06 card.

If you haven´t been pre-registered , or if you do not present a valid identification, you may be turned away from the workplace, or the employer may be liable to pay a fine.

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