Why HantverksID?

HantverksID are both accredited and approved by ID06 AB for manufacturing ID06 cards.

- Fastest support in the industry with the shortest waiting times.

- You register your company in 2 minutes and can then start ordering your ID06 cards directly! You do not have to think about providing any documentation from the Swedish Companies Registration Office or the Swedish Tax Agency, we will handle everything for you!

- The cost is SEK 178 / card + mandatory SEK 80 / card per year in card fee to ID06 AB.
The complete price list can be found here.

- We will send your order within 3 days after approved order of the cardholder.

Manual identification

HantverksID.se refers our customers to our scanning partner SISTEC at the address below. We recommend that you make an appointment.

Storgatan 26, 171 63 Solna
+46 70 75 12 244  |  info@sistec.se

Click here to read more about how to proceed under the heading "Manual identification"

Here you can see a list of all ID06 approved Skannings Partners

   Did you know that you also
can order accesories for your card?

- You can easily order card holders, yoyo, lanyards and other accessories with your ID06 card.

Confirm orders or activate your ID06 card

Here you can confirm and activate your order for your new ID06 card with LoA2. The first time you log in, you´ll need to create an account with ID06 AB.



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