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How to:

Register the company at ID06 AB by clicking on "Register ID06 account". When the registration is complete you can log in and order the ID06-cards.


Click on "Log in" on the right: Username is your e-mail and password are the one chosen at the ID06-registration.

  • Fill in personal details
  • ​Attach a photo
  • Choose your shipping address

NOTE! The order needs to be approved by the ID06-card recipient, the card will then be produced and arrives within a few days!

How to order ID06 cards?

Step 1. Register your company with ID06 AB:

In order for you to be able to log in and order the ID06 card, the company needs to be registered with ID06 AB. The first step of the registration is that the authorized signatory for the company needs to visit one of ID06's scanning partners offices, to scan his/hers passport or national ID-card. That is the first step of the registration. After the scanning has been made, an email will be sent to the authorized signatory. In the email there is a link that can be used to complete the company's registration online.

If the authorized signatory for the company can’t visit one of the scanning partners to register the company, a Power of Attorney can be made for another person in the company that can complete the registration instead of the actual signatory. In this case the Power of Attorney needs to be sent to ID06. The document together with the personal details (first name, last name, email and telephonenumber) needs to be sent by email to “manuellkontroll@id06.se”. Once you’ve received a reply from “manuellkontroll@id06.se” confirming that the suggested person has been approved to register the company, that person can visit one of ID06 scanning partners office to scan his/hers passport to complete the company registration.

For some companies the registration with ID06 AB can be completed online using electronic ID. At this moment companies from the following countries can register the company online with ID06 AB if the authorized signatory for the company has an electronic ID: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Latvia. In this case you can register your company by clicking here.

Important information! For foreign companies the following is required before you can register your company:

ID06 AB has introduced a new routine regarding manual registration for all non-Swedish companies. Manual registration means that the signatory verifies himself with a passport / national ID (the routine does not apply to verification with electronic ID).
Step 1: Before the company starts the registration with ID06, you must send the information according to the attached document here to manuellkontroll@id06.se.
Step 2: When the company has received a response from manual control ID06, the signatory is ready to visit a scanning partner of ID06 AB and validate its identity. Then the registration is complete.

Step 2. Order ID06 cards:

Once the agreement has been signed with ID06 AB, the registration is complete. You are now able to go to www.hantverksid.se and choose "Log in", the login information is the same as selected in the ID06 registration. Username is your email address and you have chosen a password.

If you are a new costumer with us at Hantverksid we will require some company details  when you log in. We will send an agreement by e-mail to the signatory that needs to be signed and sent back to us, once this has been done and we’ve confirmed that the signed document has been received, you registration with us at HantverksID is completed. For Swedish companies we help you with all the details from Companies Registration Office and The Swedish Tax Agency.

  1. Log in and follow the instructions to order cards.
  2. Once the order has been placed, we will manually control it from here, if the order is approved an email will be sent to the email address that was given in the order with the information that the card holder needs to approve the order. In the email there is a link that the employee must klick to create an ID06-account. The employee clicks on the link and can verify with electronic ID.If the employee lacks an electronic ID please read under the heading "Manual identification" - click here to get there.

  3. The employee is instructed to create an ID06 account, log in to the account and can then preview the ID06 card by clicking where it says "My Cards". The employee approves the order by clicking "Accept".

  4. After the approval of the employee, the orderer goes to production and is sent to the specified delivery address within 3 workingdays after confirmed order. 

If you are ordering a card for a foreign citizen, you need to attach the persons A1 certificate directly in the order. An A1 certificate is a document that proves that the person is socially secured in the country that the company is registered in. The ordering company’s name needs to be included in the A1 certificate for us to be able to approve the order from here.

Manuel verification- If you lack a BankID:

The order can be approved by the card holder visiting one of ID06 scanning partners office to scan either his or hers passport or national ID-card, the scanning partner will connect the scanning to the order, so the orders needs to be approved from here before the card holder visits one of the scanning partners. When the order and scanning have been connected, an email will be automatically sent to the card holder with the link that they need to use to approve their order, that email is sent from “noreply@id06.se”.

 Order ID06 cards here!

Step 3. Activate the card:

Once you have received or obtained your ID06 cards, you need to activate it before it can be used.

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your ID06 account here
  2. Select Log in with BankID (if you lack BankID, read the information below).
  3. Activate and approve your card according to the instructions.
  4. Click on PIN code and your PIN code will be displayed with your ID06 card, so be sure to save it in a safe way.
  5. The ID06 card is now ready for use.

If you lack an electronic ID:

  1. Log in to your ID06 account here
  2. Click Sign in after Manual ID verification.
  3. Fill in the e-mail address and password. Click Sign In.
  4. You will receive a verification code sent to you by SMS to the phone number you have registered.
  5. Enter the SMS verification code and click Verify.
  6. Activate and approve your card according to the instructions
  7. Click on PIN code and your PIN code will be displayed with your ID06 card, so be sure to save it in a safe way.
  8. The ID06 card is now ready for use.



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